South Korea

Gangnam-gu, Gil 8, KT & G Daechi Tower Seoul

Chestertons South Korea provides comprehensive commercial and residential services including investment advisory, leasing, transaction, valuation, consultancy, research, property and project management for corporate, investor and financial institution. Our 11 branches are located in major cities of Korea.

Seoul, the 4th largest economy in the world, has been developed dramatically for 50 years. It is the centre of commerce and culture in Korea.

Seoul offers a wide range of property-related products. There are 3 major business districts in the city - CBD, GBD and YBD. CBD is located near old castles, GBD is in Gangnam, which is developed recently and YBD is located on the island near the Han River. Each district is unique and offers different aspect of commercial life.

Fashion- and technology-forward but also deeply traditional, this dynamic city mashes up palaces, temples, cutting-edge design and mountain trails, all to a nonstop K-Pop beat.

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Gangnam-gu, Gil 8, KT & G Daechi Tower Seoul

The South Korea Team

Lester Hyunmoo Shin

Head Office
Lester Hyunmoo Shin
Real Estate Development, South Korea

Lester Hyunmoo Shin serves as real estate development advisory & financing for Chestertons Korea. In this capacity he is responsible for leading equity offerings, development project management, and helping to guide the evaluation of the firm's capital raising and client relations. He earned a master and bachelor degree of real estate and has totally 10 years relevant experience in real estate.



Consulting and research

We are well known for consultancy services and have been involved in important real estate development and acquisition projects in Korea. We are one of the most preferred real estate service providers for among- named company – Samsung, SK, Lotte, LG.


Investment advisory

We provide total service for strategic property acquisition and relevant services, ranging from strategic acquisition valuation and value-add plan to exit strategy.



We are the only licensed appraiser commingled with a global based CRE frim in South Korea. Most of our licensed appraisers also have RICs and MA, which allows us to provide global standard and fair-value to valuable clients all over the world.


Business space and integrated service

It is always hard to handle and to manage a property for a corporate. We help a corporate focus on their business. We provide corporate services to companies in need of real estate professional skills – transaction, leasing and management


Property management and operations

We provide management and operation services for corporate and private clients. Our team operates co-working space, office, retail, studio apartment, time-share vacation home. We are the only one firm providing sharing economy models among global service providers in Korea.



We have launched residential services for the first time among the global based CREs in Seoul, having been involved in residential industry through Valuation, Consulting and management for a long time. We enhance residential services itself through providing residential brokerage and management solely focusing on total residential management.