Choosing an estate agent and a solicitor

Choosing an estate agent

Estate agents act on the behalf of sellers to market the property, introduce it to potential buyers, conduct viewings, negotiate offers and, once a buyer is found, help progress the sale through to completion.

When choosing your estate agent you should consider the following:

- Do they have access to the right sort of potential buyers (e.g. overseas buyers, developers, investors etc.) 

- How do they intend to market your property (i.e. advertising, on websites etc.)? 

- Are they affiliated to any professional or regulatory bodies? 

- Do they know the local market? 

- Have they sold similarly-priced properties in the area? 

- Will they be able to represent your property in the way you’d like it to be? 

- Are they experienced and knowledgeable enough to deal with issues that may arise during the process? 

- What fee do they propose charging you? 

- What are the other terms of their contract?

...and a solicitor

At this point, it is also worth instructing a solicitor to act on your behalf once you have accepted an offer from a buyer. The solicitor will prepare the aft contract of sale that will need to be sent to the buyer’s solicitor and will also handle any enquiries that come through from the buyer. It is normal practice to use the same solicitor for both your onward purchase (if applicable) and your sale. Solicitors are incredibly important in ensuring a swift transaction so choosing a good one that will act quickly and effectively on your behalf is essential. If you don’t have a solicitor, your estate agent is likely to be able to recommend one to you that it has used previously and knows to be effective.
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