5 Ways To Make Your Home Summer Ready

Summer is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to rethink and make your home summer-ready. While summer exudes a fun and vibrant spirit, it can also mean scorching heat and discomfort.

Although we can’t do anything to stop the heat in the summer, we can do something to make the most of it. These are 5 great things you can do to prepare your home for the summer so your family can stay happy and comfortable while it lasts. 

1. Clear out the gutters

Worried about the summer rain? Begin with your gutters. If you have the equipment and skills, remove all the sticks, leaves, and other gunk buildups in the gutter. While you’re at it,  you can also inspect your roof for missing or cracked shingles and check for any damage to other parts of the roof, including the flashing, pipes, chimney and skylights. If you can’t do the task on your own, you can always book a trusted roofer within your area.

2. Cultivate your garden

Take out your gardening tools and start planting to beautify your garden for the summer. The best time to start on this project is late spring, when you can clear out dead leaves and smooth any rough edges on the flower beds. If you don’t have a garden yet, you can do away with a herb garden for your kitchen. This will not only brighten your kitchen but will also make it come alive.

3. Prepare your air conditioner

Do basic checks on your air conditioning system. Change the filter and have it cleaned by a professional right before summer arrives. By doing this proactive step, you can make sure that your family is cool and comfortable for the hot days ahead.

4. Touch up your exterior

Do your walls, deck, or fence need a makeover? Time to get a  few buckets of paint to give these areas a whole new look.

Remember to pick a bright hue so your surfaces won’t look too dim. In this manner, you are not just making your home look neater and newer – you’re also protecting it from rot and mould. In addition, it will save you from costly repairs down the road.

5. Tidy up your windows

Windows give off natural light to your living spaces and can benefit your health. Clean them thoroughly by using a bucket of water with one cup of vinegar and another with a cup of ammonia. Combine the water-vinegar bucket with a gallon of hot water. Then, combine the next with warm water. Now, you can start scrubbing your windows with the vinegar-ammonia mixture first, then with warm water. Dry them using a squeegee.


You don’t really need to exert too much effort to make your home cosy and all geared up for the summer ahead. To avoid hiccups down the road, you want to do the steps above a few weeks before spring ends and surely, your home will become a summertime haven!