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London Property Market 19 August 2019

Inside Mayfair Issue 4

The sales market has had a positive start to the year, with buyer interest having picked up considerably – 5% increase in the number of new applicant registrations – however there are low levels of available properties on the market, as vendors are waiting for values to recover.

“There is a distinct lack of good quality properties available for sale and a lot of buyers actively looking. Our advice is that if you find a property you like and you think the price is acceptable then you should act quickly before the opportunity goes” - Paul Pavlides, Mayfair Sales Manager.

The lettings market in Mayfair has experienced a considerable increase in activity so far in 2019. In the first seven months, we recorded a 54% increase in the number of new tenant registrations, a 30% increase in viewings and a 42% increase in offers compared to the same period in 2018.

“We have seen a healthy start to the year and with the busiest quarter for lettings now in full flow this is set to continue. Pricing and presentation remain key factors in securing high quality tenants” - Erik Holmgren, Mayfair Lettings Manager.