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Estate Management Complaint Handling

At Chestertons we endeavour to provide the highest levels of service. We do however recognise that on occasions things do not go according to plan and in such instances we operate a robust complaints procedure so that our clients may inform us of any issues they have experienced.

We recommend you first raise your concerns directly with the member of staff you have been dealing with to try to resolve your concerns in a less formal way and in so doing allow the problem to be resolved as swiftly as possible without the need for further redress.

In the event this more direct approach is not successful, then your complaint should be elevated as below:

Please submit your complaint in writing to:
Head of Operations
Estate Management, Chestertons
327-329 Upper Street
London, N1 2XQ

We will acknowledge receipt of your written complaint within 5 working days.

Within a further 21 days we will write to you to inform you of the outcome of the investigation into your complaint and to let you know what (if any) actions have been or will be taken. If a longer period is required to consider your complaint you will be notified in writing with a revised timescale, also providing you with reasons why we have been unable to meet the initial deadline and provide you with an estimate of when a full response will be sent to you.

If the complainant remains discontent with the outcome of the in-house complaint process, or more than eight weeks have elapsed since the complaint was first made, then you may take this matter up with the ombudsman service, the contact details as below:

Ombudsman Services: Property
PO Box 1021, Warrington WA4 9FE
Tel: 0300 440 1634
Fax: 0330 440 1635

For business clients we agree a referral of the complaint by mediation with you in accordance with the Neutral evaluation Procedure for Surveying Disputes (IDRS). If mediation should fail then the case may be referred for formal Arbitration and the Arbitrator’s fees will be payable as directed by the Arbitrator at his/her discretion.