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Brighten up spring with a splash of yellow

Recently the coming of spring has been marked more by gloomy rain showers than by sunshine, but just because the skies outside might be grey, it doesn’t mean that you can’t inject a bit of colour in your home.

Yellow is a  fantastic colour for spring; warm, joyful and very fashionable at the moment. You can bring inside the brightness of daffodils whatever the weather, and one of the best ways of doing this is by adding yellow accents throughout your property. Adding just a touch of brightness is a really simple way of creating a vibrant living space without it being overbearing, through painting key walls, adding cushions, rugs or more.

 John Lewis snuggler and chair

Snuggler and Chair – John Lewis: £399 – £599

Often people are concerned that introducing such a visually demanding colour will be difficult to ignore, but as interior designers Cecconi Simone show below, a spectrum of yellows can be used to enhance an existing monochrome decor without taking it over. Similarly if you decide to paint or wallpaper an accent wall, remember that the colour needs some space to shine so therefore perfectly complement it by surrounding it by greys and whites.

Knowing that you want to do an accent wall is also only the first step, if you decide to to one it is important to think about which wall you are going to paint or paper. As blogger Kristie Barnett says: “Ignoring the architecture is always a mistake.  Let your architecture be your guide – which wall deserves to be accented?”  

Cecconi Simone Model Home

Cecconi Simone – Trinity Bellwoods project

John Lewis wallpaper

Marimekko Vstavat Wallpaper – John Lewis – £56.95

For kitchen inspiration, the use of block colour was key to the design strategy employed by Doherty Lynch when they were faced with the challenge of modernising a dated kitchen. The ideal rooms to use yellow in are those that need uplift, such as dark rooms or those with little natural light.

 Doherty Lynch residential project

Doherty Lynch – Yaraville Residence Project

When thinking about what colour to paint a room it is useful to try a sample pot or an online 3D visualiser to see how it might look in your home. Colour is intensely personal and it’s important that you only commit when you feel completely satisfied. As designer Abigail Ahern says: “Colour is the most transformative thing you can do to any room, and its effect on each and every one of us is personal. I like yellow, you might like pale blue and that’s all fine, except we must never ever meet it would be a disaster!” Remember, you are the one who will be seeing the colour every day, so it is important that you love it.

Crown Paint colour 11601971 yellow

Crown have a very useful 3D visualiser, arranged by tone, to find your perfect colour


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