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Fraudulent Emails

fraud emails

We urge our clients to be extra vigilant when answering emails and giving out personal information.

Nicola Thivessen, Head of compliance

Tips to reduce the risk of hacking and fraud, when using online communications:

When receiving email correspondence, always look out for:

A change to the email address of the sender, often just by one character  

Emails or letters with poor spelling, punctuation and grammar

The company logo appears different or of a poor quality

The format of the email or letter differs to correspondence previously received

The nature of the email is unexpected, for example, an urgent request for money

You are suddenly asked to send a payment to a different bank account 

You can also reduce the risk of hacking by:

Never reply to a suspicious email, or divulge any personal information 

Install antivirus or antispyware software on your PC and other electronic devices, updating this regularly

Ensure your firewall settings are set at the best protection level 

Change your email and social networking passwords regularly, using a password incorporating letters, special characters and numbers 

Always access sites through verified links or go to the company’s official website using an internet browser

Be cautious of emails purporting to be from social network sites asking you to click on a link or open an attachment - even if it seems to be from a known contact 

Do not disclose personal information in your social media profiles, making this easily accessible for fraudsters and restrict your privacy settings so only known contacts can view your information

If you become a victim of hacking or fraud:

Always report any fraudulent activity to Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk 

Immediately notify businesses that you have regular dealings with, such as your Letting Agent, if you believe your personal data has been breached

Change your passwords immediately for your email, online services and social media sites

Update your firewall and virus protection on all devices

Set up a block or filter for junk mail

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