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Interiors Spotlight: Rustic Mountain Chic

Andrea Morgan, writer and blogger at @RightmoveAddict and on citruscontent.com, gives us an insight into this autumn’s top interior trend. Just in time to ward off the autumn weather!

Wild yet elegant mountain style

Mountain chic header image

The freshness of the air, the warmth in the wind and the striking beauty of the alps that surrounded us, to say this area was stunning seemed an insult.  I have recently returned from the luscious Gstaad area of Switzerland.  With its high ice capped glaciers, the delicious green hills and captivating architecture. The interior stores within Gstaad oozed with mountain chic.

Mountain chic is very much about muted tones, taupe is in abundance, which would please Kelly Hoppen, but the commanding dominant colour is grey.   These muted tones are decorated with raw materials encompassing the rich and robust landscape that surrounds.  The harshness of metal is softened by wood, while sheepskin and leather add to the natural essence of the mountain theme.


Warm heavy knits, luxurious cashmere and sumptuous faux fur create such a cosy yet elegant feel.  Candles in soft matt colours provide mellow lighting and finish the captivating feel.  Mountain chic is not just an interior style it’s a sensual experience. As summer is slowing saying it’s goodbyes and we start to long for the cosy, how can you bring some mountain chic to your home?

This beautiful bench from Sentient Furniture draws in the combination two key elements wood and fur.  You can imagine nestling into this bench on a frosty evening dreaming of the great outdoors whilst keeping warm and snug.

Sentient furniture long wool sofa

Sentient Furniture long wool sofa

‘Mary Rose Upcycled Industrial Coffee Table Cart’ from Little Tree Furniture, is beautifully hand crafted.  The breath of industrialism makes the coffee table cart a perfect piece of mountain chic.

Industrial coffee table

Mary Rose Upcycled Industrial Coffee Table


Metal trunks with a leather trim seem to be a firm trend.  I really love these trunks; they feel like they are straight from the set of an old vaudeville stage.  Dramatic and imposing they are certainly a statement piece.

Metal effect trunk

Metal effect trunks by Cracking design


These fabulous stools I found outside Rougemont Interiors in Gstaad, are truly mountain chic.  The antler base stool with its wild and untamed seat is made for chalet living.


Antler chair

Antler stool

Fuzzy stools

Fuzzy stools

I have admired Melanie Porter’s knitted furniture since my first introduction to her work.  From her collection, her Marc chair would be a perfect addition to your mountain chic design.

Knitted chair

Melanie Porter 'Marc' knitted chair

These knitted pieces from John Lewis are a perfect match.

John Lewis knitted throw

John Lewis – Elliot Knitted Throw


John Lewis knitted pouffe

House by John Lewis, Knitted Pouffe

Let’s talk furs.  When you think dream of sitting in-front of a roaring fire, in a chalet on an snow covered mountain, you see furs.  Here are some of my great offerings from the High Street.

Helene Berman faux fur throw

John Lewis – Helene Berman Faux Fur Stripe Throw

To put this look together here are some ideas from the store that inspired this post, Rougemont Interiors


Wooden bedroom

Grey living room

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