Get your property ready for the market

Get your property ready for the market

By presenting your property well, you are likely to attract more interested buyers and ultimately achieve a better price. You should aim to present your property in the best possible way and address anything that could deter potential buyers. A fresh lick of paint, some new soft furnishings and a tidy up of the garden will all help. However, you shouldn't try and hide or cover up issues with the property, as these are likely to be discovered later on in the process and cause the buyer to lose confidence and trust, putting the sale in jeopardy and very possibly resulting in a ‘fall-through’.

If you feel that your property requires more than a touch up of paint, perhaps even a complete renovation, please get in touch with our Refurbishment Team. In many cases, buyers will be looking to add value to the property once they buy it by redecorating, refurbishing, renovating, re-fitting, reconfiguring or extending. It is worth asking your agent whether they think your property has potential for buyers to add value and, if so, this is something that they should draw attention to when talking to potential buyers. If there is significant opportunity to add value through extending, you may even wish to get planning permission before you sell, or even just start the planning application process. Before putting your property onto the market, you are required to provide the agent with an

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property. These are valid for ten years, so if you have bought the property within that time, it is possible that the EPC is still valid.

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How can we help?

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