Chestertons Immigration Division Is Launching New UK Residency Options For Expats And Investors

The Chestertons UK Immigration Division has recently seen several updates across the UK entry clearance options. These include adjusted fees, added categories, the removal of the UK Tier 1 Investor Visa and adjustment of the lesser-known Representative of an Overseas Visa. When these changes took effect on the 11th of April, Chestertons’ team worked diligently to filter the legislation and make sure the clients are provided with sound advice given the wide range of options.

One of the major changes in the UK entry clearance options is the addition of the Global Business Mobility Category, which means that the Tier 2 ICT and Sole Representative Categories have shifted into adjusted business and employment options. Five of these categories were included in the Global Business Mobility Program, which is why the company’s immigration specialists made sure that the clients fully understand the recent adjustments, especially those who are looking at these routes to access their UK Residency options.

Eligible individuals for the Global Business Mobility route

The Global Business Mobility visa created five pathways for overseas businesses to establish a UK presence or move their staff to the UK:

  • Graduate trainee who undergoes a training programme
  • Senior or specialist worker for specific business needs
  • Service supplier to the UK in line with the government’s trade policies
  • Secondment worker to a UK business with high-value projects or investments 
  • UK expansion worker who wants to establish a UK footprint

How the sponsorship works

The primary requirement for the sponsorship of workers is the sponsor licence holder. In this case, it is the UK business. Interested individuals must provide proof that they possess a receiving business, a sending business and the relationship in between.

Sponsorship is needed if an overseas company is sending an employee to a UK subsidiary, an international service supplier has a contract with a UK firm, or an overseas company is sending staff on secondment to a UK supplier of goods or building a UK branch before trading.

Global Business Mobility visa requirements

The new immigration policies state applicants must complete the following requirements:

  • Sponsorship by the UK entity 
  • Adequate skill level for the position
  • A compensation threshold
  • Ample time of employment by the overseas firm
  • Temporary assignments (should be switchable to more permanent status in the future)

How Chestertons helps

Chestertons’ team of UK Immigration Specialists deals with all UK entry clearance Categories and assists clients across the Globe with advisory, preparation and submission of the below Categories. 

UK Business Visas 

  • Business Expansion Visa
  • Innovator Visa

UK Family Visas 

  • Ancestry Visa 
  • Spousal Visa 
  • Unmarried Partner Visa 
  • EU Family Permit 
  • UK Fiancé Visa 

Employment and Study

  • UK Skilled Worker Permit 
  • UK Student Visa 
  • Senior Specialist Worker Visa (Replacing Tier 2 ICT) 

UK Visit Visas 

  • 6-month 
  • 2-year 
  • 5-year 
  • 10-year 

About Chestertons

Chestertons has operated in the UK for more than 200 years. The company strives to understand both the needs of its clients looking to relocate to the UK and the process required to achieve that. With their team of qualified UK Immigration practitioners, they ensure the correct Category is arrived at, the preparation is streamlined in line with the required Government legislation and the applications run a minimized risk of refusal prior to submission.