Easter Home Decorations: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Easter-Ready

Sure, we don’t need an excuse to decorate our homes, but decorating for the Easter season gives you another reason to reach out for your DIY kits and make your home extra special for spring. The great news is that there are plenty of floral designs and pastel colours that you can use to spruce up your Easter. Let’s not forget the eggs, chicks and rabbits, too! Ready to get decorating? Here are 5 Easter home decorations to try.

1. Stick temporary tattoos on eggs

Colourful prints on eggs

Adding colourful temporary tattoos is an incredible way to quickly decorate eggs. The great thing about temporary tattoos is that there are tons of designs available. There are butterflies, flowers and other fun designs to choose from. To start, wash the eggs and leave them to dry. Then, get a small tattoo, remove the plastic sheet at the top and stick it on the surface of the egg. Using a wet sponge or wipes, soak the back so the tattoo will transfer. Press for about 60 seconds, then remove the paper backing and leave to dry.

2. Add colourful centrepieces to the table

Table decorations for Easter

Wow your guests with a well-put-together dining table using the amalgamation of fresh flowers and fun colours. If you want a laidback, lazy feel, try using a classic farmhouse dining set and decorate the tabletop. Otherwise, use modern pieces or other themes as desired.

3. Create a balloon arch

Balloon decorations for Easter

Are you expecting kids for your upcoming Easter celebration? Creating an Easter balloon arch will surely make the kids run around with joy. Use pastel coloured balloons and fresh flowers for decoration. Then, hang the balloons on the wall or place them as a table runner to complete the Easter look.

4. Display wrapped gifts

Easter gift decorations

Excite your guests even more by displaying a lineup of creatively wrapped gifts along the hallway. To make the gifts look more enticing, use patterned gift wrappers and add bunny ears and flowers at the top. If you don’t have time to buy gifts, you can wrap empty boxes and use them purely as decorations for the special occasion.

5. Craft a wreath for Easter

DIY wreath for Easter

Eggs are not just for the baskets or tables. You can also tie them together and create a colourful wreath that you can hang at the door or on the walls. As always, alternate them with little flowers to give your wreath a complete Easter feel. 


Indeed, there are loads of Easter home decorations that you can use to make your home Easter-ready. Consider adding the creations above to your home so you can give it a whole new look and impress your family and guests. Happy Easter!