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A landlord’s guide to renting to pet owners

As a supporter of the Lets with Pets scheme, we undertake to encourage our landlords to consider letting their properties to tenants with pets and support them in their decision to do so. We are also committed to working closely with tenants that are looking to find a home for themselves and their pets, giving them advice on how to, and helping them negotiate with the landlords of their chosen properties.

It is unfortunate that pet-owning tenants struggle to find a rental property where their pets are allowed. By accepting tenants with pets you could increase demand for your property and attract responsible tenants. As pet-owner tenants know how difficult it is to find rented accommodation, they are more likely to stay longer in one tenancy and less likely to do anything to jeopardise the tenancy.

Read our full guide below, for advice and further information on renting to pet owners.

If you are thinking about letting pet-owner tenants rent your property, please do not hesitate to contact one of our branches to discuss your requirements.