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Welcome to Chestertons Greece. Over the last two decades there has been considerable private investment in Greece to build properties in idyllic locations next to natural coves, secluded beaches or atop a hill gazing at the infinite of the Aegean and Ionian.

Greeks are privileged to live in one of the mildest and most pleasant climates in the world, free from extreme weather and with uninterrupted sunshine throughout most of the year. This combined with magnificent homes enjoying exhilarating vistas and the turquoise of the temperate crystal seas, make up for the perfect setting for your dream home.

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40 Connaught Street, London, W2 2AB

By the fifth century BC Classical Greeks had organised themselves into independent citizen states, each with its own laws, dialect, currency and government.

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Samuel Gordon-Peiniger
International Liaison Manager

Sam is Chestertons' International Liaison Manager. A thirst for knowledge, combined with a wealth of luxury sales experience; Sam's core focus is selling international property and land through the global Chestertons network - generating leads, advising buyers and liaising with the overseas offices to ultimately connect buyers with their ideal property.

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Greece is known for its history, being the birthplace of the Olympic games, democracy and ancient mythology. The country is made up of a series of idyllic islands that are surrounded by jet blue seas and covered in dainty white buildings. You will also find ancient ruins, museums and stunning coastal towns aplenty. Tourist hotspots are the Acropolis in Athens, Mount Olympus, UNESCO World Heritage site Delphi and the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. Meals are best taken in a local taverna allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Greek cuisine and culture.

The historic Venetian town of Corfu has recently been named a UNESCO World Heritage site, something that has firmly put Corfu on the cultural map and has led to an upsurge in the number of visiting cruise liners. Other areas of the island, such as the dramatic West Coast, boast long sandy beaches crowned by pine forests, with azure water and stunning sunsets and are often favoured by families.

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