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Chestertons News 04 May 2021

Picnic Without Plastic

As part of Chestertons' green initiative, we are now working with Ocean Generation - an inclusive global movement that exists to restore a sustainable relationship between humanity and the ocean.

Together with Ocean Generation, we hope to educate and motivate people to reduce their impact on the environment and our oceans.

As UK lockdown restrictions have now began to ease and spring has sprung, many have embraced the rule of six by getting outside for a bite to eat and a drink with their nearest and dearest.

However, with this, many of us have seen the sheer amount of plastic waste that is left scattered across our green spaces.

Ocean Generation has launched the 'Picnic Without Plastic Challenge' - and we urge you to take part! Read below for guidance on how you can plan for an outdoor gathering and avoid plastic waste and other unnecessary products.


"Thinking about how we prevent using plastic in the first place is the first, most crucial step to stopping plastic reaching the ocean. At Ocean Generation, we believe in everyone starting right here, right now." - Dilyana Mihaylova, Head of Strategic Insights and Partnerships at Ocean Generation.

Here are a few simple switches you can make to be Plastic Intelligent when planning your picnic:

1. Make your own meal: Avoid plastic wrapped foods by making your own food. Visit the Zero-Waste Chef for some recipe ideas such as  homemade hummus, sourdough breads, and naturally carbonated lemonade.

2. Get loose: Choose loose fruit and vegetables where compostable bags are not available, as well as choosing meat and cheese from a fresh counter to avoid plastic packaging or wrappers. Did you know the average lifespan of a plastic bag is 12 minutes, is only used once and will never fully degrade.

3. Reusable containers: Bring your delicious creations in reusable containers ​or use beeswax wraps rather than wrapping them in cling film.

4. Dine in style: Avoid using flimsy plastic plates and cups and instead take a couple of brightly coloured reusable plates and glasses from home, to add a touch of style to your gathering. Also consider using reusable cups, flasks or a mason jar for your drinks.

5. Take your rubbish home: If all items fitted in your bag on the way out, why not take everything back home with you? Many parks and open green spaces do not have enough bins to cater for everyone.

For more tips and information, click here.