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London Property Market 18 April 2018

Inside Fulham Issue 2

2018 has started on a positive note. The gap between buyer and seller expectations on pricing has narrowed and there is a greater willingness on both sides to agree deals. The lettings market is also showing signs of improvement but, as in the sales market, realistic pricing is crucial in order to attract tenants.

“The pre-spring market has been very busy, with sellers accepting more realistic pricing and a higher level of enquiries year-on-year from buyers who are keen to take advantage of low interest rates before they rise again.”
Josh Rault, Sales Director

“There is a real demand for well-presented properties and there has been an increase in the number of available properties in recent months. This has helped to improve market liquidity, however, with a greater choice of available properties for tenants, price sensitivity is important in order to attract interest.”
Clare Neville, Lettings Manager