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London Property Market 23 August 2019

Inside Tower Bridge Issue 2

Our Tower Bridge office has seen an increase in buyer interest, and a reduction in available stock so far this year.

“Buyer interest has picked up considerably this year and the supply of second-hand properties has reduced in most locations. Although we have seen multiple offers on the best properties, buyers are very selective and in most cases careful pricing is required to attract offers. Our team can provide an honest assessment of what price your property is likely to achieve in the current market” – Alex Hensley, Tower Bridge Sales Manager.

The lettings department received an increase in tenant enquiries this year, with the number of newly registered applicants rising by 16% in the first six months of 2019 compared to January – June 2018.

“The combination of strong tenant demand and low supply means that landlords are in a favourable position to take advantage of what is the busiest period of the year. Well-presented and realistically priced properties are letting very quickly in the current market and we have plenty of tenants looking to find a home before the autumn” – Katharine Reynolds, Tower Bridge Lettings Manager.